The Significance Of Food Cleanliness

Food hygiene is a crucial problem to human health. So much so that the WHO has released 5 criteria for the upkeep of food hygiene, i.e.:

• The prevention of the distribution of pathogens

• The separation of uncooked as well as cooked foods

• Food needs to be prepared for the suitable time and heat to kill bad bacteria.

• Store food at the proper temperature.

• Use safe water as well as cooked materials.

Food hygiene, however, goes beyond the actual cleanliness of the kitchen and the preparation of food. It also includes the actual safe practises followed by producers and distributors of food. Many veggie farms, particularly the smaller sized farms, can be found close to rivers and streams to facilitate the actual irrigation of crops. The water used for irrigation often is actually suspect because of pollution aspects. Many of these little rivers or streams run along townships and industrial places that all kinds of pollutants are dumped into the water including human waste. It stands to reason that this kind of water would be unfit for people to drink and for that reason also for irrigation purposes of crops meant for human consumption. Cholera is a major problem in such cases. In the case of frozen products, meat and fish obtained from distributors special precautions need to be taken in the actual handling of these products. It is therefore important to buy such products from only trustworthy dealers and also to exercise special caution within the acquisition of frozen fish. Any product which had been allowed to defrost and was then frozen once again is probably dangerous for consumption. For more information on office cleaning services go to

Kitchen areas are infamously unclean and the kitchen is considered to be the most unhygienic space in many homes. Similarly the actual kitchens of small, often backstreet, take away establishments are very often highly suspect, with amazing tales being told concerning the cleanliness of countless such places. Contaminated food is a serious risk to individual health and aside from food poisoning and serious diarrhea, may also lead to death. Partly cooked food should not be left in the kitchen area without being refrigerated. Often food is precooked only to be heated up at take away establishments ignoring this particular rule. If you are planning to buy take away food buy it from reputable well-known and high volume turn over establishments, particularly where meat or even fish is concerned. Food hygiene is usually not a great priority in home kitchens. Not that people are not concerned with hygienic conditions within their homes, but because they frequently clean their homes, they wrongly believe their homes to be also hygienic, particularly the kitchen. Chopping boards are infamously a source of cross contamination of food where meat, fish and vegetables are cut on a single board or cooked as well as raw products are cut on a single chopping board and kitchen cloths are sometimes fairly suspect as they are used to clean gardening hands, garage hands, kiddies hands as well as kitchen hands. Food is half prepared and permitted to stand about until further required and frozen food is frequently cooked without being permitted to fully thaw first. Every one of these things of course happen inadvertently but are on the other hand potentially dangerous to your health.

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